Learn to speak French online, in a group setting

Don’t want to start or continue your French language learning journey on your own? Sign up for one of our group courses and speak French with your tutor and new learning partners!

All year long, Top French in USA offers online group sessions on specific topics including:

  • French for Travelers: learn basic French to be able to order food and drinks at a restaurant, to book a hotel, ask for directions and others.
  • French for beginners: learn basic French grammar, vocabulary and conjugations. Start speaking French and know how to introduce yourself and others, how to speak about your likes/dislikes and others.
  • French for intermediate learners: improve your knowledge of the French language (grammar, vocabulary and verbs) and speak French in more complex situations. Higher focus on French conversation.
  • French for advanced learners: This course puts the focus on you speaking French a lot more. You will continue to learn French grammar, vocabulary and verbs as needed.

All groups are between 3 and 6 students maximum. The courses are scheduled over a 4 or a 6-week period. For more information on all the services offered or to check availability and dates, CONTACT US.

The following French group courses will be starting soon:

  • FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS: Learn French from scratch with Soraya over a 6-week period. This course will get you to start speaking French very fast! You will learn how to introduce yourself and others in French and how to understand basic conversations. This course includes some basic French grammar and verbs. It follows the Alter Ego A1 French Lesson Book. EMAIL US FOR MORE DETAILS.

  • INTERMEDIATE FRENCH CONVERSATION: Improve your French conversational skills in this French intensive course with Soraya. Each week, you will focus on a specific topic or grammatical point (food, cinema, the future tense, the past tenses etc.). This way, you will strengthen your knowledge of the French language and enrich your vocabulary every time. This course will allow you to speak French more fluidly. EMAIL US FOR MORE DETAILS.

  • FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS: Learn basic French in view of an upcoming trip to France. This 6-week course will cover everything you need to know before traveling to France. You will know how to order drinks and foods in French, how to ask for directions, how to get around etc. This course is perfect for those of you getting ready for a summer vacation in a French speaking country! EMAIL US FOR MORE DETAILS.

Top French in USA is a sister company of “Oh La La, I Speak French!”.

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