Top French in USA was created by Soraya Ouari, a French language expert and highly experienced tutor.

Academic & professional background

Soraya grew up in the South of France, in a healthy mixture of French and Spanish cultures and languages. She has a Master’s Degree in English with a minor in Spanish, obtained with special honors. Her love of languages along with her desire to pass on knowledge, promptly led her to taking on a French teaching position at Manchester University, England.

Teaching Experience

Since then, Soraya has acquired over 15 years of experience teaching, mostly in Los Angeles where she is currently based. First, she taught French at the prestigious Alliance Française and at the Academy of Couture Art in Beverly Hills. Now, she teaches French one-on-one online. Her students are adults who want to be proficient in French, or students who need academic supports. Soraya teaches all levels, from beginners to AP French and college students.

Educational Platform for all

Soraya’s knowledge of the French grammar is impeccable and her charisma and sense of humor allow her to teach in a fun way, making her an outstanding tutor. She has actually developed her own French educational platform online « Oh La La, I Speak French ! ». This platform provides entertaining video lessons with all sorts of exercises and written supports to help students strengthen their knowledge of the French language.

Tutoring/Teaching method

Furthermore, Soraya’s teaching method centers on the student’s personality. She is therefore attentive to each student’s specific needs and tailors her lessons accordingly. Her extensive teaching experience allows her to quickly assess the type of work to be done. She is always keen to to establish a trusting and relaxed work atmosphere so that the students can express themselves freely and enjoy the learning process.

Top French in USA’s highly professional team

Soraya has now surrounded herself with a small team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Together, they will help you learn French in the best possible conditions, making the learning process a very enjoyable experience for all.

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